Dr. Brian Joseph Doyle, a renowned vascular surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital ("Joe," to his friends), spends weekends with Harley, his dog, flying his amphibious airplane to remote villages along the rugged coast of British Columbia, bringing much needed medical care to people who wouldn't otherwise have access to it. Memories of his deceased wife keep his life from being perfect, but his work is satisfying, his time in the air with Harley is exemplary, and his new partner, Dr. Alexandra Chernov, a beautiful Russian woman determined not to like him, is showing signs of yielding. Just when it looks like things couldn't get much better, a nurse who has long been in love with Joe realizes that she has the power to pull the plug on Joe and Alex's relationship. What she doesn't realize is that her deed will set off a chain reaction with consequences more dire than anything she could have imagined. Joe Pilot was inspired by true stories of first responders who regularly risk their lives to save others. In the hands of Alan McTeer, a lifelong pilot and award-winning writer, the particular story of Joe comes fully to life. Joe Pilot is a tale of incomparable passion-for the thrill of flying, the plight of those in need, and the power of love.
The plan is to fly a small plane to Colombia, collect the delivery fee, and return to Miami on an airliner. But ace pilot Alan Richards begrudgingly agrees to deliver passengers as well -- a last minute concession that will turn his near-perfect life into a mortal nightmare. A crash landing in a burning plane, torture at the hands of someone who has mistaken him for someone else, and a forced tour of some of South America's most horrifying prisons are only the beginning of the long journey that will ultimately deliver him (and his copilot prettyboy Mario Rodriguez) into the hands of drug smugglers hiding out in the region of Colombia known as the Red Zone.
This book is about a rogue pilot by the name of Alan Richards (think tough guy looks with a Jimmy Buffet temperament) who is being paid by the CIA to fly into Cuba, land, pick up two baseball players, and get out of Cuban air space before the Cuban government knows what hit them. Alan's co-pilot for this mission is Mario Rodriquez, a pretty boy who spends his free time looking for women and filling his stomach (though he will reveal another side of himself over the course of the journey). The mission goes awry when, as Alan begins his descent, he sees not two men waiting in the designated field below him, but over fifty men, women and children, many more than can possibly fit in the small plane he is flying.
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